This week I attended the NYSCATE conference in Rochester, NY.  One of our high school assistant principals went with me and it was wonderful to see the conference through fresh eyes. We tried to attend different sessions and then compare notes but the one session I wanted us both to attend was the Cool Tools Duel with David Jakes (@djakes) and Brian Smith (@briancsmith). What a delight to see two professionals sharing, sparring, laughing, kidding and teaching.  Today I was able to share one of the tools,  zooburst.com, with a teacher.  She is inspired and pushing me to find the webcam she needs.  It feels good when you learn and then find someone who you can teach and know that students will benefit.

Google Squared

Just learned about yet another Google tool. Use Google Squared when you want to compare in a list. For example: National Parks or perhaps trees, presidents, or countries. As Steve Anderson says: a great place to start with research.  See his post, 5 Sites to Explore this Year to learn about Wallwisher, EduGlogster, Diigo and Creative Commons. For those of you on Twitter, follow @web20classroom to get all of Steve’s updates.

Would love to hear about your lessons with these tools!


Bookmarking with Delicious. I can’t imagine doing my job without it. If you are new to Web 2.0 tools, this is the one you must try first. Delicious keeps all your “favorites” online so you can view them anywhere. Just having that should be enough but bookmarking is so much more.

Start by making an account. My user name is hchaves so go to www.delicious.com/hchaves to find my bookmarks. An important part of bookmarking is the use of tags. Tags help you put bookmarks into categories. I like to tag my bookmarks with elementary or secondary if they are for the classroom. Then I use subject tags. Since I’m passionate about digital citizenship, you can see that I frequently use that tag.

The social part of bookmarking involves having a network. You can easily see what they have been bookmarking and save any you like as well.

Next time you are looking for a good website on a topic, go to Delicious first, search websites already vetted by others.

Want to know more? Watch Bookmarking in Plain English from Common Craft.

If you are on delicious, add your name in the comments and let’s build our networks!


Just completed our first day of Leadership Camp 2009. Our topic was Twitter. To see the outline for the workshop go to http://lcsdmentor.wikispaces.com/twitter

Only have a few minutes?  Watch this video from Common Craft. If the video does not show below go directly to http://www.commoncraft.com/twitter

I say it’s all about who you follow! I’m chavesh. Feel free to see who I follow or leave a comment here with your Twitter name for me to follow you.


If you looked through the 23 tips in the last post you got to see Wordle. Coincidentally I had the opportunity to participate in an online Elluminate session with Tom Barrett as part of a grant with BOCES. He has shared his Google doc of Thirty Two Interesting Ways to use Wordle in the classroom. Click to open in PowerPoint.


Would love to hear how you’ve used Wordle.